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Year Round Spanish Classes for Kids in Manhattan Beach


All Spanish In Action classes are designed to provide each child with a very fun and highly academic learning experience. We create a stimulating and positive environment where students feel comfortable learning and speaking the new language.

If you are new, unfamiliar with the class levels, or have questions about finding the right class placement for your child feel free to Contact Us.

Spanish in Action is amazing!  Maria has taught our two boys (ages 8 and 10) for a few years and they love her classes.  She has given them a great command of the Spanish language, proper pronunciation, and knowledge of the culture.  She keeps class fun and interactive with music and drawing and sometimes even samples of dulce de leche!   Maria’s enthusiasm and patience are impressive and translate to kids truly having fun learning Spanish.  The studio is colorful and inviting and convenient.  I feel lucky we found Spanish in Action right in Manhattan Beach!

~ Donna Hughes – Manhattan Beach

Some of the program highlights include:

  • Lessons are fun and highly educational, tailor-made for each group.
  • Special planned lessons to build vocabulary and encourage conversation.
  • Learn songs performed by native Spanish singers.
  • Play fun games, act, arts and crafts and storytelling to reinforce the lesson of the day.
  • Design and put together the kids own Spanish book (one page is completed per day)
  • Use all five senses to absorb and understand lessons.
  • Acquire a clear, native Spanish accent.
  • Cultural awareness.
  • Only Spanish is spoken in the classroom.
  • Small groups of up to 13 with two teachers meet in Manhattan Beach, California.

Classes start the week of September 3rd, 2019 through June 10th, 2020.



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These are classes offered for up to 5 students once a week, from Monday through Thursday, 5:35 pm to 6:35 pm.

Level according to the group’s needs and knowledge. Price changes depending on the number of students.



Refer to classes that have not been assigned a level. Groups can be formed upon request.


COST 2019-20

  • Registration/Materials fee of $125 is charged for the year (non-refundable).
  • Tuition is divided into ten equal monthly payments, the last payment being June.
  • We charge $155 for the Monday class or $160 for the Tue, Wed and Thu classes.
  • Cost of small intimate groups of up to 5 students varies according to the number of children.
  • Holidays are prorated.



If at any time you choose to cancel your enrollment, we need a written (30) thirty-days in advance notice so we can stop your recurring payments.
There will not be reimbursements without this notification. There is no cancellation for June. Registration Fee is non-refundable.



Your child knows some or no words in Spanish.

Students will learn everyday vocabulary with the goal of finishing the year expressing simple ideas in short sentences. They will develop a very good accent and awareness of other cultures, which will open their minds and widen their thinking skills by studying everyday topics like greetings, colors, numbers, family, opposites, action verbs, the weather and more. Once they become familiar with the new words, the children can begin to combine ideas together to form short sentences and communicate with each other and with the teacher.


Your child knows everyday vocabulary and can express simple ideas.

Students will continue to build on fundamental skills and broaden their vocabulary to express simple ideas to the teacher and classmates. They will continue to work on accent with an emphasis on fluency, as their sentences are longer and more detailed. They will also learn common structures in Spanish such as “I have/I don’t have…” “I like/ I don’t like….”, “I am/I am not….” The teacher will combine various activities that will allow the children to practice the vocabulary and structures for everyday life situations so they can take their knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.


Your child has a wide everyday vocabulary, able to fluently speak 5-6 word sentences, understands all the Spanish spoken by the teacher.

Students will reinforce vocabulary and knowledge from the previous level with a focus on widening vocabulary and strengthening fluency. The students will be taught to express themselves and understand a variety of different subjects using 7-10 word sentences. Basic reading and writing skills are introduced for the first time.


Your child knows everyday vocabulary and expresses simple ideas and is able to fluently speak 7-10 word sentences.

Students will build upon the previous year of Spanish by reinforcing and expanding existing vocabulary and mechanics. Students will continue to work on accent and fluency to enrich sentence structure with more detail. New action verbs and diverse subject matter are introduced through various activities and games. Reading and writing skills will continue to be developed.


Your child is transitioning from Continuing 2, has taken Spanish for at least 3 to 4 years or is able to have simple Spanish conversation about everyday life subjects.

Students transitioning from Continuing 2 as well as native speakers will be taught proper mechanics and skills to have simple Spanish conversation about everyday life subjects. The goal is for each child to be able to hold a simple everyday conversation, express their own ideas, master a rich vocabulary and be able to read and write simple sentences and short paragraphs.


Your child masters a wide vocabulary, is able to converse about every day situations, is able to read and write simple Spanish sentences and able to express many of their own ideas and thoughts in the target language.

Students will expand in more depth each of the subjects they already know and will widen their vocabulary with new subjects and structures. We will work on fluency and conversation will be the highlight of the class.

HOLIDAYS 2019-20_DSC7973

November 11th: Veterans Day Observed

November 25th – 29th: Thanksgiving Recess

December 20th – Jan 3rd: Winter Recess

January 20th: Martin Luther King

February 17th – 21st: Presidents’ Holiday Recess

April 6th – 10th: Spring Break

May 25th: Memorial Day

June 10th: last day of class

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Mrs. Ure is an EXCELLENT Spanish teacher!! As a bilingual mother we want our son to continue learning a second language. My son has taken classes with Mrs. Ure during Summer Camp and now attends her year-round sessions. He comes home telling me all about the fun activities they do in class–all in Spanish. At home he is always asking me how to say words in Spanish and now he willingly counts his numbers in Spanish too. We give Mrs. Ure tremendous credit for our son wanting to continue to learn and speak Spanish.

~ Andie Self – Redondo Beach