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We are teaching small groups of up to 7 students

We use our 36 years of experience to offer top-notch classes so your children love learning Spanish through our fun and educational program.

Our school creates a nurturing, stimulating, and positive environment so students feel comfortable learning and speaking Spanish as a tool to connect with the 400 million Latin speakers around the world.

Our awesome teachers are handpicked and have decades of teaching experience. They plan and deliver each lesson with love and much enthusiasm as we care deeply about each of our families and our students as a whole.

Program Highlights

  • Fun and educational lessons that are tailor-made for each group
  • Specially planned lessons that build vocabulary and encourage conversation
  • Learning songs performed by native Spanish singers
  • Playing fun games, acting, arts and crafts, and storytelling that reinforce the lesson of the day
  • Designing and compiling a Spanish book of their own to take home (one page completed per day)
  • Using all five senses to absorb and understand what is being taught
  • Acquiring a clear, native Spanish accent
  • Growing cultural awareness
  • A Spanish-only zone, Spanish is the only language spoken in the classroom


If you are new, unfamiliar with the class levels, or have questions about finding the right class placement for your child please contact us.
  • Your child knows some or no words in Spanish.

    Students will learn everyday vocabulary with the goal of finishing the year by expressing simple ideas in short sentences. They will develop a very good accent, have a strong awareness of the Latin culture, which will open their minds and widen their thinking skills. Everyday topics like greetings, colors, numbers, family, opposites, action verbs, the weather, foods, and more are introduced, as well as useful key sentence structures that go with each subject. Once they become familiar with the new words, the children begin to combine them forming short sentences to communicate simple ideas with each other and with the teacher.

  • Your child knows everyday vocabulary and can express simple ideas.

    Students will continue to build on fundamental skills and broaden their vocabulary to express simple ideas to the teacher and classmates. They will continue to work on fluency with an emphasis on accent, as their sentences are longer and more detailed. They will also learn common structures in Spanish such as “I have/I don’t have…” “I like/ I don’t like…”, “I am/I am not…” The teacher will combine various activities that will allow the children to practice the vocabulary and structures for everyday life situations so they can take their knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.

  • Your child has a wide everyday vocabulary, able to fluently speak 5-6 word sentences, understands all the Spanish spoken by the teacher.

    Students will use the vocabulary and knowledge acquired from the previous levels with a new focus on expanding it, strengthening fluency, and conversing among themselves and with the teacher. They will be taught to express their own thoughts and understand a variety of different subjects. Basic reading and writing skills are introduced for the first time.

  • Your child knows everyday vocabulary, expresses simple ideas, and is able to fluently speak 7-10 word sentences.

    Students will build upon the previous years of Spanish knowledge expanding existing vocabulary and mechanics. They will continue to work on fluency and accent to enrich sentence structure with more detail. New action verbs and diverse subjects are introduced through various activities and games. Reading and writing skills will continue to be developed.

  • Your child is transitioning from intermediate 1, has taken Spanish for at least 3 to 4 years, or is able to have a straightforward conversation in Spanish about their everyday life.

    Students will be taught proper mechanics and skills with the goal to express their own ideas, master a rich vocabulary, and be able to read and write simple sentences and short paragraphs.

  • Your child masters a wide vocabulary is able to converse about everyday situations, read and write Spanish sentences that express many of their own ideas and thoughts in the target language.

    Students will expand in more depth each of the subjects they already know and will widen their vocabulary adding new topics and structures. We will work on fluency and accent, with the conversation being the highlight of the class.

Schedule 2021-22

Each group class is 1 hour long, once a week, PST.

Bring your own group

Groups can be formed upon request. Form your own Pod of 5 students and you get $50 OFF, and each participant gets $10 OFF (credited towards the first month of tuition).

Registration / Materials fee
  • Registration/materials fee of $125 is charged for the year from Sep-June (non-refundable). After March 1st the fee is $62.50 for the remainder of the year.
  • Each class is one hour long once a week.
  • Tuition is divided into ten equal recurring monthly payments, the last one being June.
  • We charge $155 for the Monday classes or $160 for the Tue, Wed, and Thu classes.
  • The holidays are prorated.
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