About us

Maria, Founder and Director Spanish for children in Manhattan Beach

Argentina native, Maria Ure, has spent the last many years, since 1986, spreading her passion for and expertise in the Spanish language. Her rich teaching background takes root in the years she spent as Program Director for a number of prestigious schools including:

  • Montessori School of Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Peninsula Montessori, Torrance, CA
  • American Martyrs Catholic School, Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Circle of Love, Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Magic Rainbow, Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Montessori School of Lake Forest, IL
  • Dewey Elementary, Evanston, IL
  • Discovery Preschool, Evanston, IL
  • Orrington Public School, Evanston, IL

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Maria Ure from Spanish in Action is an amazing Spanish teacher who has the gift of teaching highly educational lessons in a fun and engaging way. She delivers part of her lessons through song, so students retain lots of structure and vocabulary in a way that sticks in the kids’ brains forever. As a Spanish teacher of older students, I have collaborated with Maria Ure for 17 years. Her graduates that choose to continue learning with me are extremely well prepared, have a vast knowledge of different everyday topics, and are able to easily converse in Spanish without recurring to translation. I highly recommend Spanish in Action to parents of young children who would like to see their children become bilingual, a skill for life.

~ Cecilia Grosso – Manhattan Beach

There is no other teacher in the South Bay with as much experience and love for teaching Spanish as Maria Ure. She has taught Spanish to over 6,000 students in schools, from her home and her own school, and her love for what she does is only growing deeper.

She is excited for the expansion of her School of Language for Children, opened in 2015 in Manhattan Beach, as it has been a lifelong dream to open her very own center for learning. She is proud to have organically grown her Spanish in Action Program in what is now considered the leading School of Language for Kids in the South Bay, serving more than 170 students in small groups each year.

A student of language herself, Maria speaks Spanish, English, and French and has a natural ability to understand basic Italian, Portuguese, and other Spanish dialects. “I remember hearing foreign languages as a child and thinking it was like listening to beautiful music-the sounds were so unique,” she recalls, inspired with learning languages at a young age.

It’s her innate gift for teaching and ability to create beautiful songs for each lesson that sets her apart as a teacher. Her approach is radically different from the teaching methods commonly seen in private and public school settings because she personally sits down with the kids and delivers her lessons through song. And like a siren, her songs keep her students engaged and curious about Spanish as she instills strong skills and reinforces proper pronunciation with her melodies.

“I’m grateful to the support I’ve received from the South Bay Community through the years,” says Maria who continues to look for ways to strengthen her program and keep up with the new generation of kids in order to provide parents and children with the best experience learning Spanish. “I guarantee your kids will walk away not only having learned Spanish, but also having experienced the world of language and self-expression in a deeper way,” she says, and she hopes her language center will continue to give students the opportunity to learn Spanish for years to come.

Maria Ure is an amazing Spanish teacher, I am so happy to have her teaching my daughter Spanish. Ava is learning a great deal of Spanish. Maria makes the classes fun for the kids, so they enjoy learning. Maria is very talented, and I’m so happy to have her in our lives. We will continue Spanish with Maria each year. When you child is learning Spanish and you want to go to class, you know the teach is doing magical things! Maria thank you for all you do! I would highly recommend Spanish in Action.

~ Kathy Saffell – Manhattan Beach