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Maria Ure

Argentina native, Maria Ure, has spent over three decades spreading her expertise and passion for teaching Spanish to inspire students to love learning the language without effort, enjoying the process and connecting with the Latin culture.

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Maria moved from Argentina to the United States in 1986 and was disheartened to learn that American students were not having the same experience learning Spanish as she had learning English and French when she was a young girl.

What marked her the most was the impact the teachers made on her life as they passionately poured out their hearts to bridge the cultural gap teaching non-native speakers how to embrace the language with their heart, mind, body, and soul. Classes were fun, engaging, and unique and cultivated an environment that transported her to the streets of France, England and the United States, without ever leaving her seat.

About Learning

Kids were not excited by the process of learning grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or sentence structure and they definitely were not connecting with the Latin culture. She found most students had such a poor experience learning Spanish in high school and college that they were graduating without being able to produce even a simple sentence or original thought in the Spanish and all carried very heavy accents.

She saw a huge need for an educational and fun program that captured kids’ learning at a young age so she developed a radically different approach to teaching that started her program, Spanish in Action in 1986. She continued working in many prestigious schools and from her home. She decided to teach the Spanish language with passion and flair and capture the kids’ attention by cultivating a love for the Latin culture as well. She wanted her students to feel the same fire and eagerness to learn languages as she felt herself learning English and French as a young girl.

In the community

Today there is no other teacher in the South Bay with as much experience and love for teaching Spanish as Maria Ure. She has taught Spanish to over 6,000 students in schools, from her home and her own school, and her love for what she does is only growing deeper.

She is excited about the expansion of her School of Language for Children, in Manhattan Beach, CA as it has been a lifelong dream to open her very own center for learning. She is proud to have organically grown her Spanish in Action Program in what is now considered a gem to the community and the leading School of Language for Kids in the South Bay, serving more than 170 students in small groups each year.

"I’m grateful to the support I’ve received from the South Bay Community through the years,"

…says Maria who continues to look for ways to strengthen her program and keep up with the new generation of kids in order to provide parents and children with the best experience learning Spanish. “I guarantee your kids will walk away not only having learned Spanish, but also having experienced the world of language and self-expression in a deeper way,” she says, and she hopes her language center will continue to give students the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way for years to come in-person and online to the whole world.

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