Our Approach

The Spanish in Action program

The Spanish in Action program is designed to make Spanish learning a fun and educational experience.
We actively create a stimulating and encouraging environment where kids can feel comfortable expressing themselves in new ways.

We are considered a gem in our community because we have been successfully teaching Spanish since 1986, making us the most experienced school in the South Bay, collaborating in a huge way to our students’ education, giving them a strong foundation and the tools to become bi-literate plus widening their minds and thinking by learning and connecting with the Latin culture.

We have created a unique, one of a kind program where we deliver a lot of our planned lessons through singing which is a proven way to help remember information over time.

Program highlights

  • Playing games.
  • Singing songs.
  • Acting out real-world scenarios.
  • Tasting foods.
  • Reading stories.
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Building vocabulary to encourage conversation.
  • Acquiring a clear accent from our native teachers.
  • Tailor-made lessons for each group.

We believe the learning curve goes up when the students are fully engaged and having fun, which is why we have made this a key point in our program.

Our teaching philosophy fosters a multi-sensory learning experience where students use all their senses to absorb the language. Lessons engage the students’ eyes with visual aids, their voice with speaking, their hands with touching objects and materials, and their hearing with listening to the teacher and to each other.

Our approach ensures that students will be able to apply and connect their knowledge to their every-day life, rather than just in the classroom.

We give special attention and follow up on each student’s progress.

The Benefits for Kids Learning Spanish at a Young Age

Children who are exposed to a foreign language at a young age use a different part of their brain to process information. This makes them more apt to hear and copy sounds with a good accent than adults, who also tend to process language by translating into the native tongue. Young children have the ability to be fully versed in two modes of expression simultaneously and are able to decode the messages with ease thus helping them to become bilingual with less effort than adults.

When parents choose to give their children the gift of learning a second language they are giving them a key that opens a door to a whole new world, in this case, Spanish which is spoken by 400 million people in the world.

More Benefits

  • Learn Spanish naturally and effortlessly, in the same way they learned their first language.
  • Acquire a better ear for listening and a skill for multitasking.
  • Learn to be more flexible in critical thinking as they learn to see things through a different lens.
  • Give children the ability to communicate with people from other cultures.
  • Increase and enrich opportunities for life experiences now and in the future.
  • Build self esteem now, for Junior High and High school because they will be ahead of their peers in speaking Spanish.
  • Help students score higher on standardized tests.
  • Improves chances of college acceptance, achievement, and attainment.
  • Saves you college money – if they are at an AP Spanish level in high school, when they transfer to university, less money will be spent on basic courses.
  • Increases job opportunities in many careers – knowing Spanish for certain jobs is now a must, especially in California.
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